Does InvenTrust Properties have a share repurchase program?

On February 24, 2015, InvenTrust Properties announced that the Share Repurchase Program will remain suspended indefinitely until further notice.

Are distributions I receive taxable?

Yes, for tax purposes, any distributions that you receive generally will be considered ordinary income to the extent that the distributions are paid out of InvenTrust Properties’s current and accumulated earnings and profits (excluding distributions of amount either subject to corporate-level taxation or designated as a capital gain dividend). However, because certain items such as depreciation expense, for example, reduce taxable income but do not reduce cash available for distribution, a portion of your distributions may be considered a return of capital for tax purposes up to the amount of your tax basis in your shares (and any distributions in excess of your tax basis will result in capital gain). The amount of distributions considered a return of capital will not be subject to tax immediately but will instead reduce the tax basis of your investment in effect deferring a portion of your tax until you sell your shares or InvenTrust Properties liquidates. Because each investor’s tax implications are different, you should consult with your tax advisor. The Form 1099 described below will report to you, each year, the portion of your distribution that is considered ordinary income and the portion that is considered a return of capital (or capital gain).

When will I get my tax information?

Your Form 1099 tax information will be mailed by January 31st of each year.

Do you have a reinvestment program through which I can reinvest my distributions in additional shares?

On February 24, 2015, InvenTrust Properties announced that the Distribution Reinvestment Plan will remain suspended indefinitely until further notice.

Does InvenTrust Properties pay a dividend?

To see a list of our historical dividends, please visit our Distribution Information page.

How can I request additional information from InvenTrust Properties Corp.?

You can contact us via our Investor Relations Information Request page.

How can I receive Email alerts from InvenTrust Properties Corp.?

To sign up for Email alerts on our Documents, News/Press Releases, Financial Documents, Governance Documents and Presentations, click here to visit our Email Notification page.

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