It’s all in the Mix.

“Merchandising is at the heart of a shopping center’s success. The right mix of retailers will drive traffic and traffic will drive sales. With our retail experience and commitment to our tenants, we look for complementary businesses that can work together, grow together and succeed together.”

– Ivy Greaner, EVP, Chief Operating Officer

We Know Retail

Looking for the best location to help make your store successful? With 77 centers in 13 states, we match our retailers’ needs to the market opportunity, strategically creating the best possible merchandise mix in our centers. Our corporate and regional leasing experts know retail, and they know the communities in which they work, so we can best position our centers in the markets they serve.

National Retailers

Looking to expand? We identify portfolio sites that meet your plans and deliver the demographic and lifestyle profiles that can lead to highly productive store locations.

Local and Regional Retailers

Whether you are relocating from down the street or expanding within a geographic region, we work with you to determine your space needs, target customers and visibility that can aid your success.

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Leasing Contacts:

Markets: Atlanta, FL, AL, VA, MD

Gordon Miller
Director of Leasing


Sarah Jordan
Leasing Representative


Markets: Houston, Austin, San Antonio, PA

Mark Vondrak
Director of Leasing


Taylor Mann
Leasing Representative


Markets: Dallas, OK, KY, NC

Alan Grayson
Director of Leasing


Lindsey Charnay
Leasing Representative


Markets: CO, Southern CA

Rob Mettel
Director of Leasing


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